PREVIEW: A new happy hour concept every Thursday evening at Flash Nightclub from 6-9pm

Music and Drinks

House and techno meets craft cocktails
DJs Spinning House and Techno

House is spiritual thing, a body thing–a soul thing… and it’s very misunderstood. Techno is all of those, but even more misunderstood. Chances are if you come to Flash regularly, you have strong opinions on both. But really, this is happy hour, not late night. Your ears won’t bleed, they’ll sing. Your mind what go into overdrive, it will chill out. This is about the softer, more approachable side of both. Christauff and Jon plan to convince you if you believe otherwise.

New Weekly Specialty Cocktails

These are a mysterious thing–usually paired to go with the food, Flash has spectacular cocktails–but each week for Preview, they’re different. Check out the upcoming event posts to see what’s in the offing. However, there is a strong chance that you will find homemade adult slushies in this club. We’ve had them. They’re good. Like really, really good. But they’re not a year-round thing. Not really. So, this is ever shifting target, you’ll have to ask to find out.

$5 DC Braus, Rail drinks and Wine

THE PUBLIC, THE CORRUPTION, THE CITIZEN. These are DC beers–made to match. Only $5. But if you’re not in the mood for a brew, we’ve got rail drinks and wine available for the same.

$3 Pabst Blue Ribbon & Yeungling

As a smart man said, let us concede at the outset that yes, to the majority of beer lovers, Pabst, the wonderchild of the Pabst Brewing Company, is the laughing stock of the world macrobeer selection for two main reasons: 1) It claims to be “America’s Best” due to the single blue ribbon that it won at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago back in 1893 (and that historical fact itself is dubious). 2) It’s enjoyed all around by millennial hipsters (aka a large number of twenty-somethings, apparently myself included, that comprise my generation). But, while PBR flouts the “invented in Milwaukee” (but now made in Texas) story, Yeungling is America’s oldest continuously brewed beer from the hills of Schuylkill County, Pottsville, PA–invented in 1829. It needs no more introduction.

Your hosts

Your dance music and cocktail purveyors
Your host and resident burner
You may know Jon as the man behind the lights at Flash later in the evening when the club kicks into high gear. In his spare time, Jon builds rave trucks from scratch and lives a hedonistic lifestyle that makes Burning Man look tame.
DJ Rustler
Christauff has been living in this crazy dance music universe for too long to post about. He also used to bartend an awful lot. He likes long walks on beach, Belgian beer, and spend his most of his spare time at Flash. He is beyond excited to be starting up Preview @ Flash.

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