biding // time live set @ Preview from October 10, 2019

When you add a blog to your website, it’s almost a promise to yourself that, this time, for realz, you’re gonna finally get better at writing content and keeping the website up to date. And like that gym membership you never use as much as you thought, the blog sits there beckoning to you, almost whispering, “Don’t pretend you don’t remember me–I always see you updating the rest of the website. Those pages are “easy“, you don’t want a commitment, you want a cheap fling–like a Facebook update, or low-effort Instagram post, complete with auto-generated hash tags.”

“But I’m still here. Give me some lovin’, baby”

Anyway, today I decided to be better, and then spent hours editing mixes we’d recorded. I wrote copy. I broke open Photoshop. I started ripping apart massive WAV files, and then quickly realized I’m on a new computer, then spent hours installing the software I needed.

This story is getting too long.

Here is the first four hours of our last set on October 10, 2019 with guest DJ Andrew Johnson, aka biding // time, starting around the 2 hour mark, right after I dropped the first Tiësto track I’ve played on purpose in a decade. Andrew is a very smart man and maintains almost no social media presence, so you just get to enjoy the music.

Also available here: